Project Description


During my time working for Cornerstone Glass Inc. I developed 4 websites, each dedicated to one part of our business.

I was in charge of development, design and maintenance. All graphics & text copy were also produces exclusively by me. This was one of my first ever web projects. It evolved quite a bit throughout the years.

*NOTE – I have not been involved with these websites since 2014.

Cornerstone Glass Homepage

Our main site, which had links to all other sites, as well as advertisement for our events, sales and other business endevours we were involved in.


Wholesale Catalog

One of my biggest projects, was taking  our print catalog and transfer it to a digital one. The only customers allowed to order were approved retailers,  so special care was taken with the site to not display prices to the public. A special signup process was created to vet all potential customers. This site had over 1000 different custom made products on display, ready to be ordered 24/7.


Teaching Facility

Starting in 2013 we began a Glass Blowing school. The website’s main purpose was to handle enrollment. This site had a full calendar with every class, complete descriptions and also handled  payments for all classes.


Campus Retail Store

Cornerstone opened its own Retail Smoke Shop in Eugene, OR in 2013. At first, our site was simply used to promote our store and the products that were available for purchase. Later on we added e-commerce to sell unique hand made glass direct to customers.